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Jose J. Vargas


Mr. Jorge Vargas Born in Dominican Republic is the founder of International Christian Chaplains, Inc. Has a Active member and President of the organization have the responsabilities to protect the guidlines and rules of the organization and also lead the rest of team. 

Rafael Bourdier

International Vice-President 

Mr. Rafael Bourdier is a Co-Founder of the International Christian Chaplain, Inc. in the absent of the President Mrs. Bourdier is the 2do. in Command, he also is the Vice-President of the Organization in our second site in Dominican Republic. 

Deacon Jose Pinedo Whatts 


Jose Pinedo Whatts, is our Director of Operations , he is been in the organization since 2013. have the responsabiliy to coordiante all type of respond and actions during Emergency situations or any type of events. Mr. Pinedo is the Third in Command the organization. Mr. Pinedo also is our Spiritual Counselor. Mr. Pinedo is a Commissioning Deacon from The Lutheran Church Missourid Synod, have a Bachelor Degree in Psicology , Chaplancy and Master Degree in Theology. 

Cesar Vargas

Financial Secretary.

Mr. Cesar Vargas is our Financial Secretary, Co-founder of the organization have the responsabilite of keeping our records in place. also have the responsability to encourage the members and donor to continued support the plans and the funcionality of the organization. 

Ely Torres 

General Secretary 


Mrs. Ely Torres is our General Secretary, she have the responsabilite of recording our meetings, keep the records and general information of the members of the organization. Mrs. Torres is a Chrisitian Choir member of Blessed Sacrament R.C. and single mother of 2 teens. 

Felipa Vargas

Assistant of Presidency

Mrs. Felipe Vargas is our first woman that became to be part of this organization. Mrs. Vargas has been in the organization from the beginning and be leading our Women group. Mrs. Vargas is the mother of our Presindet Jose Vargas and our Financial Secretary Cesar Vargas.

Jose Parache

Assistant of Vice-President .

Mr. Jose Parache is our Activities Commitee Chairman, been active in the organization since 2007, active member of the organization has been taking care all of our social events. he's been coordinate all the logistic for our events. Mr. Parache also is the Vice-Presindent of the Organization calling The Santiagueros Ausentes , that been working with us for the last 2 years. 

Gregorio Baez

Assistant of Presidency .

Mr. Gregorio Baez is our Special Commitee Chairman, have the responsability to endure and preasude our guidlines. Mr. Baez have the function of ubicate, mediate and re-po all the Id's and badges for members that been inactive. Mr. Baez also in in charge for our internal communication.  

Rafael Tejada

Director of Discipline 

Mr. Rafael Tejada is our Director of Discipline. A man with a Extremely military experience is in charge of maintanace the discipline between the organization. Mr. Tejada is also part of the instructor for our Chaplaincy Training Program . having the responsability to present to the board of director the aspirant to be part of the program after complete the period of training. 

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